Eagle Lake Owls

by Eagle Lake Owls

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Eagle Lake Owls fourth release, its first featuring the expanded lineup of Andy Cole, Nathan Krahn, Ava Glendinning, Theresa Thordarson and Erin Bihun


released May 31, 2016

Recorded live at Collector Studio, Winnipeg
Engineered by Arthur Antony and Will Grierson
Mastered by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles, Cambridge
Produced by Eagle Lake Owls
Album artwork by Rotem Anna Diamant

Eagle Lake Owls is:
Andy Cole - vocals, guitar
Nathan Krahn - cello, bass
Ava Glendinning - guitar, bass, vocals
Theresa Thordarson - keys, vocals, trumpet
Erin Bihun - drums


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Eagle Lake Owls Winnipeg, Manitoba

Songs about long winters and endless summers, filtered through a dusty car window. Electric guitars and delicate harmonies clash above orchestral swells. The quiet moments threaten to birth chaos as songs sweep from hushed voices to dissonant noise like a prairie storm. ... more

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Track Name: Late To The Party
I've been getting away with a crime
I've got others suffering for these sins of mine
I wish I felt a little worse about it at the time
Just tell me who I've got to pay to get this off my mind

I've been getting away with a crime
And you start to feel you're on the losing side
They say that if you're stealing hearts, don't leave the spine
And it's just a waste if you look back for signs of life

I can't help feeling I'm a little late to the party

Have I been getting away with a crime
If I ain't getting any sleep at night?
I wish I could just keep my back turned and keep my pride
But I can't keep from feeling all that's mine ain't mine

And I can't help feeling I'm a little late to the party
Track Name: Paul And Libby
If you're a part of something that's bigger than you
Big enough to lose your mind to happily
Take it, cause you're the envy of every overthinking author
Making self-destructive art

They can write an ending that will put your foolish heart in doubt
And leave you second-guessing just to make you feel the shit they felt
Cause it's a habit of the heart to gather every small offense
And build a case against
What your head's trying to tell you makes sense

So if what you've got helps you sleep and wake up glad it's all still there
Hold it closer than your heart could bear
And if there's room enough to spare
Any extra that you've got is still your share
Track Name: We're In This For Tears
Am I going to see you alone, or can I hold my breath?
All these times you're not home, how can we make up them?
And all those things that we'd known when we made this mess
If you're going to be on the road, I'm going to keep my address

We're in love like that
Not in love like that

Am I going to see you this year, can I feel your breath?
All those nights you're not here, I leave you space in bed
We know we're in this for tears just as bad as it gets
And oh I miss you my dear, but we're going to make it yet

I watched you leave in the early light
I kept you home in another life

We're in love like that, I'll see you again
Track Name: East Flat
What a long way to go
To find a city frozen under the snow
And a sun that would rise so slow

They would swear there was a buried soul
"If you can make it til it ain't so cold
You're going to know it when the grain turns gold."

Please ignore the homeless heart
Of the city, it bears the marks
Of the promises the years forgot

And what a long road to be down
That left us searching for the edge of the town
And a soul that they would swear could be found

Hands safely tied, all bound up in wire

And what a long way to go
Track Name: Animals In The Dark
The moon was a glow, it was the only light
It wouldn't show enough that could feed our eyes
And so they would grow into a dangerous size
I was watching you crawl out of the forest

I couldn't know, I didn't ask you and you wouldn't tell
The last of the low light fell

You're carrying fire out of the forest
All the animals hide but one that was hunting you
As only a child
Fearing the hands of the one you could trust
Tracing the scars on the one you could love
There you were carving it over your heart

We're moving like animals in the dark

"It's only a shadow that's over my skin
Free of the family that covered the sin
This is the last time that I let him win
This is the last time that I let him win
This is the last time that I let him win."

We're moving like animals in the dark

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